Help Of The Angels (sponsored through the Berks County Community Foundation) is a non profit organization started by Mr. Becker’s dear friends, Dave and Debbie Meas. Dave and Deb are the owners of the salon Hair On The Avenue, located in Reading PA. It is one of the top salons in the country. Dave and Deb are involved in many philanthropic endeavors. Together they are using their salon to assist those who are physically/cosmetically afflicted by injury or illness. Offering burn victims, cancer patients and many others the opportunity to look their best. This helps rebuild ones self confidence, promotes a positive attitude and restore a healthy outlook toward healing and growth.

The fountain symbolizes how a trickle of giving can gather and accumulate into an abundance of compassion towards others. Overflowing, gathering and continuing to pour out, it is a never ending cycle of giving...perfectly reflecting the attitude of Dave, Deb and their staff.

This image has become the symbol for Help Of The Angels.