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Kindness & Compassion

"Exhilarating, inspirational...a must read...

This book has a message for everyone...

Epic...I couldn't put it down...The entire world needs to read this book."

Mr. Becker shares his deeply moving encounters with the Amish families affected by the tragic Schoolhouse shootings in Nickel Mines PA. Including the children attending school that day, their families, the schoolteacher, the gunman’s family, EMTs, State Troopers and thousands more.

This is the story the media didn't tell you...they couldn't.

None of them were permitted such intimate access with all those involved.

This special privilege was granted him, due to his unique painting and it's message now known around the world. One of always treating others with “Kindness and Compassion.”


Art of Compassion

The image to the right may be Mr. Becker’s most well know painting. It’s dedicated solely to a humanitarian purpose. It’s message of treating others with kindness and compassion has brought hope and inspiration to people around the world. This simple Amish school bell took on it’s meaning as Mr. Becker discovered he was painting it precisely at the time the Amish schoolhouse shootings of Nickel Mines Pennsylvania, October 2006, were taking place. That tragedy happened just thirty minutes from his home and studio.

Prints from this image are now in countries around the globe. One of them hangs in the White House, as well as, in the homes of every Amish family involved. Each of those families invited Bruce to their homes to personally meet and discuss the tragedy. Even the family of the gunman met him and requested prints. Because of this image and it’s message he has been contacted by virtually every person involved on that day, including Pa. State Troopers and EMTs. It has been said that he, more than anyone else, has had the most personal contact with each person involved in that tragedy...all because of this painting and its message.

For years, 100% of the profits from these prints had gone to the Nickel Mines School fund and towards the cause of spreading kindness & compassion around the world. 

In addition to being featured in the ABC News documentary, “Tragedy in Amish Country,” Mr. Becker has been asked to make numerous TV, radio and personal speaking appearances. His miraculous story has inspired all who have heard it. Now his book disclosing the complete story of this emotionally charged journey is also available.

Prints are available for purchase for $30. The book is also available for purchase directly from Bruce Becker. Please use the contact form below.

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